Centre for Enterprise Workshop: Turning our Dreams into Actions

Bryce Redford - Perth College & University of Highlands & Islands

Centre for Enterprise

The Centre for Enterprise plays a key supportive role in helping businesses across a range of sectors to become established and grow.  In addition, tudents are offered opportunities to develop their enterprising skills and business knowledge.

The centre enjoys a strong relationship with the local business community and encourages businesses to engage with the centre and make use of the wide range of experience which the college network can offer.  The centre provides practical support and solutions to tailor-fit business needs and helps businesses make a positive impact on performance and profit. As part of this they offer seminars, business breakfasts and bespoke events and opportunities through Knowledge Transfer initiatives.

I ran the Turning Dreams into Actions Workshop as one of these bespoke events to provide an interesting insight into how behaviours and beliefs can stand in the way of realising our dreams and goals. This included practical exercises and informal group discussions that encouraged participants to revisit their dreams, and to come up with positive actions to move them forward.

“This highly interactive and fun workshop left participants with renewed energy and determination”

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