Whether you have come to this site after reading one of my articles in HealthyYOU Magazine or from another source welcome to my website. Here you will be able to read further about the philosophy behind personal empowerment, developments in bodymind science and how it can help improve health and quality of life.

An insight into self-healing could be medicine’s holy grail – The Sunday Times

You may have everything you thought you wanted but still feel empty, unfulfilled or unhappy or feel something is incomplete or missing in life. Perhaps you have recurring health problems, chronic pain or disease within your body. Maybe your life is great and you now want to take it to the next level but feel something is holding you back but you’re not sure what.

NLP Coaching & Hypnosis combine leading edge scientific research with proven methods that aid the healing of mental, emotional and physical problems to improve overall health and wellbeing. This enables you to express your full potential in a relaxed and easy way. We believe this method is so fast and effective because your body, mind and life situation are all connected. Therefore when you change your body and mind and how you relate to them your life automatically changes to reflect that.

Why NLP Coaching & Hypnosis?

  1. Stop feeling negative emotions when you think about certain people, places, events or things.
  2. Resolve the mental and emotional causes of ongoing or recurring health problems.
  3. Clear chronic ongoing pain.
  4. Take your life and business to a new level by discovering and clear unconscious limits that hold you back and feel greater fulfilment, joy and peace in your life.
  5. Let go of compulsive behaviours and phobias and behaviour that no longer serves you such as self sabotaging behaviour and addictions.
  6. Resolve internal and relationship conflicts.
  7. Stop repeating patterns in your life and relationships.
  8. Change how you react to situations, feel less stressed and overwhelmed.
  9. Get clarity and focus on your life and purpose

What is NLP Coaching & Hypnosis?

We have tried and tested the leading edge tools in personal change and pulled together the most effective techniques into a single integrated approach. This approach has been tested and proven internationally through one on one consultations and on retreat. We also provide accredited training and certification in these tools and approach as well as specialist training in particular areas such as approach to chronic pain, chronic illness and cancer.

The key is getting to the root of the problem and clear it rather than just know more about it. Using an approach that works with the body and mind as a whole system is a fast, powerful and simple method that can go beyond traditional symptom based diagnosis to discover and resolve the often hidden causes that underpin your body and life problems – this is the basis of the field of research of Information or Informational Medicine.

How does NLP Coaching & Hypnosis work?

The approach we take is an initial phone consultation to understand the context of the problem and agree the most appropriate approach tailored to you. This can range from a single focused two hour consultation through complete 1 day breakthrough sessions.

Contact Bryce Redford to find out more and be kept up to date with the latest news.

Email connect@bryceredford.com

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